Blizzard Lighting Pipeline Twin

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Pipeline Twin is a 19" rack mountable DMX distributor, signal amplifier, and isolator which allows you to split a DMX signal into 4 separate electronically isolated outputs, using 3-pin or 5-pin DMX.

In addition, each output has dedicated drivers to boost your signal for any extensive cable runs between DMX lighting fixtures!

With each Pipeline™ Twin unit, you can run up to 32 units per one output channel, and its handy 3/5-pin DMX Thru and Terminator/Pass Thru switch will help make any troubleshooting that may arise a breeze.

Pipeline™ Twin rack units are professional high quality pieces of equipment that your lighting setups will definitely benefit from for many years to come.

And of course, it is also backed by Blizzard's 2-year warranty!

Main Features

DMX signal amplifier and distributor
Fully compliant to DMX-512 (1990)
1 input to 4 outputs, plus DMX thru
100% electronic isolation between inputs and outputs
Signal & power LED indicator for each output
Terminator button for the last unit
Signal input and output: 3/5-pin DMX
Power and signal indicator
Length: 19 inches (482 mm)
Height: 2.76 inches (70 mm)
Depth: 5.7 inches (145 mm)
Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
2-year limited warranty.

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