Floyd Rose FR-36BK

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The FR-36 Bluetooth model delivers true balanced highs and lows for superior audiophile sound, offering flawless sound clarity and comfort without the need to be wired. Using APTX CSR Audio Technology, these new FR-36BK Bluetooth Wireless/Wired cans boast 14 hours of continuous music on a full charge, meaning you won't have to be tethered to your playback device.

A 40mm driver diameter and full 20Hz-20KHz frequency responses gives a warm and accurate recreation of sound. Cushioned ear cups with our custom designed headband offer superior comfort by contouring around the shape of your ear, delivering isolation from outside noise without adding bulk. Each pair of Floyd Rose FR-36BK folds compactly and comes with a hard protective carrying case that custom fits the headphones for maximum protection and ultimate style.


Wood and metal construction
Padded headband
Detachable headphone wires
Impeccable sound quality
Lightweight Comfort
Durable and stylish case

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