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The PICKUP PRO from ProX Trussing is a professional truss pick designed for installations or semi-permanent applications when the truss needs to be flown and the center of gravity needs to be at the center of the truss. Machined and welded tubular box material for light weight and excellent strength. This is compatible with all square box truss from ProX and several other manufacturers.

The ProX Direct TS-F34 Truss Pick is a safe and easy way to securely raise, lower or hang your ProX DJ or stage trussing. With a load capacity on a single pick of 550 lbs or 250 kgs, you can disperse the complete trussing weight with multiple picks for an easy and safe assemble or teardown. Made of sturdy box aluminum, the TS-F34 comes with 2 welded Pro Clamps and large eye hook for lifting.

This product is best used in pairs or multiples. Lifting heavy truss sections with only one pickup point can be dangerous and is not recommended.

Shipping Dimensions
13.50"L x 7.50"D x 3.50"H
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs

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