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Play it Safe: Protect Your Gear

Why is it so important to keep your DJ gear protected?

Gear protection is important because many DJs depend on their gear to make a living. Keeping your DJ gear protected can provide you with peace of mind and save you the cost of replacing your equipment.

Additionally, DJ gear is an investment. If you do not take care of your equipment, it will end up costing you more in the long run. There are several things that can happen to render your equipment unusable, such as damage from wear and tear, exposure to weather conditions, or even theft. So, here’s what can be done to prevent these terrible experiences from happening to your valuable equipment.

How you can prevent damage to your DJ equipment?

There are many ways you can protect your DJ equipment. A few of these include using surge protectors and durable cables to prevent damage, as well as turning off your equipment when not in use, and storing it in a safe, dry place.

Surge protectors are designed to protect electrical devices from power surges and spikes. These devices work by diverting excess voltage away from the device and into the ground wire.

You should also research the best way to pack for air travel with all of your gear so that it does not get damaged when traveling from venue to venue.

What are the different ways that you can store and transport your DJ Equipment?

As a DJ your place of work environment is always changing, so, you’ll want to know the different ways that you can store and transport your DJ Equipment while on the move.

The first thing to consider when storing and transporting your DJ equipment is how much of it you have. If you have a lot of gear, you may want to store it in a storage facility or find a friend or family member who has extra space to keep it in during periods of time when you’re not using it. Or, if you're using all the gear for gigs on weekends and specific events, consider renting a storage unit for those days when your equipment isn't being used.

You can also buy cargo straps and tie-down straps which will help keep your equipment safe and in one piece, by binding them all together and preventing stacks from toppling over. You should also keep gear off the ground by using tables or platforms in case of flooding.

Don't Risk It!

As a DJ you don’t want to be caught with broken gear before a big show, always protect your gear, double-check before traveling and keep it secure. You can find ways to keep your DJ equipment secure by browsing our online inventory.

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