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Think Outside the Genre Box

DJs are NOT forced into a specific genre by the industry

If DJs are able to play any music they like, why does it seem so difficult for them to break the genre? When we think of modern DJing our imagination typically jumps to EDM or club music. It seems that these genres have dominated the DJ field but is this due to its popularity and expectations or are DJs stuck in these default styles? It is important to consider the industry and culture as well as the individual DJ’s personal tastes and preferences. Let’s look at the truths and myths behind DJs and the genres they spin.

Truth: There is no such thing as a single DJ style.

As a DJ, you can come up with your own style and be different from the masses.

A lot of DJs develop their styles based on what is popular at the moment and try to emulate what they hear but this social pressure often leads them to play music that might not be authentic to their true style because they fear they will not be relevant or well-received by the crowd. While certain styles of DJing are more popular, it’s important to note that some of the greatest DJs became big by pioneering their own unique sound.

Myth: It's impossible to play all genres of music.

Some people might think that it’s impossible for DJs to play all genres of music, but that's not true. DJs can play music that isn't considered mainstream. They can spin any genre they like and there are many different types of DJ equipment to help them do this.

DJs are able to use equipment like turntables or laptops in order to play the many different genres of music. The turntables are primarily used for hip-hop and other similar genres, while the others may be used for house, techno, acid jazz, or drum & bass just to name a few.

Conclusion: DJs can adapt to any genre/style that they choose to play.

The creativity and versatility of DJs combined with the technology available are the building blocks to their success in the music industry.

As technology advances and as new styles of music are constantly being shaped, DJs have never had this level of freedom. The sky is the limit.

If you are a DJ who feels stuck in a specific genre and are hoping to break out into other styles of music, have no fear. You CAN do it. BestDealsDJ is here to help. Check our online inventory for all your DJing needs.

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