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The FBT JMaxX 110A is a two-way active loudspeaker that works to combine versatility with ease of use to deliver a speaker that can handle any audio application and is fitted with a 10-inch low-frequency woofer alongside a 90-degree X 60-degree constant directivity horn which works to ensure your sound is evenly dispersed. This loudspeaker is perfect for mobile DJs, music venues, entertainment facilities, club and bar venues, schools and colleges, sound reinforcement, and events productions.

The JMaxX 110A is fitted with a Class D, 900w amplifier that works effortlessly to deliver 700w to the 10-inch low-frequency woofer and 200w to the 1-inch high-frequency compression driver and allows the system to reach an exceptional sound pressure level of 129dB. The Class D amp drives the speaker and offers a frequency response that ranges from 58 Hz – 20 kHz while a 90-degree X 60-degree constant directivity horn ensures a highly-accurate even sound dispersion.

The J Maxx 110 A’s rear panel provides you with a digital signal processor that gives you four EQ settings that let you shape your sound for your application and includes original, floor/vocal, boost/lounge, and club/DJ. An XLR input and a link output for connecting multiple speakers while a ¼-inch TRS Jack output allows you to connect directly to mixers, instruments, and microphones. A high-pass filter ensures you won’t experience any low-end rumbles and a GND lift switch eliminates ground loops from ruining your sound.

The cabinet features a low-resonance design that eliminates unwanted resonances from damaging your sound and reinforces a robust low-frequency performance. The speaker comes with an angled cabinet that lets you set the speaker at angles of 12, 40, or 55 degrees making them ideal for use as on-stage monitor speakers. You can suspend the speaker if required using the 2 x M10 suspension points or mount it to a speaker pole with a 35mm pole mount while a wall bracket mounting flange.


Stage monitor tapers with 12, 40, or 55 degree taper
Constant directivity horn with 90 x 60 degree angle
Multiple mounting options with a 35mm pole mount, 2 x M10 suspension points, and a wall bracket mounting flange
Four on-board DSP presets provide you with four EQ settings, original, floor/vocal, boost/lounge, and club/DJ
Advanced control panel offers XLR input and link, 1/4-inch Jack input, volume, DSP preset, high-pass filterm and GND lift
Self-amplified, 900w amplifier onboard with 700w LF + 200w HF


700W + 200W – 129.5 dB SPL (peak)
10” LF woofer with 2” voice coil
1’’ exit throat HF compression driver with 1” voice coil
Frequency response from 58Hz to 20 kHz
Extremely lightweight: 11Kg

FBT JMaxX 110A

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