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SHADOW is a complete range of very high performance full range and horn leaded loudspeakers, designed to provide high quality music and voice reproduction in applications with extreme weather conditions resistance, ensuring a long term exposure to all kind of severe environment conditions.

High quality voice reproduction and music performance, normally associated only with indoor systems, are now available for outdoor use, with the brand new SHADOW series of speaker cabinets.

The all Italian Style and the severe construction methods make all loudspeakers suitable for any indoor environment as well.

These all weather products family provide the system designer with the right choice to handle a wide range of applications, that span from sports fields to stadiums, theme parks, swimming pools, themed restaurants, and all environment demanding the highest quality speech and music reproduction, combined with the product durability.

FBT brand new all weather speaker range will provide long term reliability for temporary and permanent outdoor installations, as these speaker systems are manufactured applying the most severe standard expected from a classification of International Protection Rating IP 55. So they represent the fruit of many years of experience in research, development and testing, that makes FBT proud to apply the long experience as speaker manufacturer in this new systems for all weather applications.


The prime consideration in designing SHADOW cabinets was extreme weather resistance, also for the drivers that would be employed inside them. The exceptionally weather resistant driver is further protected by the water-stop grille: it stops the elements, solid or liquid, from getting inside the enclosure. Each protective grille is a 3 layers structure that consists of an external perforated stainless steel panel treated with a special protection, a center layer of reticulated foam and an inner layer of water-repellent polyester mesh, providing maximum protection and minimal acoustic attenuation.


All internal circuitry is protected with a special sealing and treated with weather proofing  compound against the effects of moisture, corrosion and oxidation.


Weather resistant steel mounting brackets are included with all models.


The cabinet of these loudspeakers is a single piece rotomolded enclosure, made in polyethylene, fully UV protected equipped with a stainless steel U-Bracket for fixed installation. The curved shape helps to reduce acoustic reflections and standing waves within the enclosure, for improved LF performance, and in outside the rounded shape inhibits standing water and helps to diffract wind, reducing load on the structure.


FBT’s SHADOW loudspeakers are completely designed and manufactured in Italy, assuring an elegant and attractive aesthetic to a very high technical system and featuring an high degree of quality standard.


8-inch coaxial woofer
100V line transformer with selectable100W/50W power tapping
Sturdy molded polyethylene curved enclosure
Steel U bracket and other included hardware accessories
4 wires cable to select the desired power tapping
Water-stop grill with 3 layers of protection
IP55 weather resistant
Standard gray finish


Depth : 9.84 in
Height : 11.22 in
Impedance : 8 ohm
Sensitivity : 95 dB
Width : 11.22 in
Shipping Weight : 19.84 lbs
Power Handling : 450 Watt
Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) : 124 dB
Transformer Option : Yes
Product Weight : 15.43 lbs
100V Taps : 200 Watt
Sustainability Rating : IP55
Color : Gray
Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth) : 70 Hz
Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth) : 0.07 kHz
Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth) : 20000 Hz
Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth) : 20 kHz
Finish : Gray
Speaker Diameter (Driver) : 8 in
Transformer Option - Yes

FBT Shadow 108CT (Outdoor)

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