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Standard level AC protection and filtering.
Six sequenced rear panel outlets (in 3 groups), two unswitched rear panel outlets, and one front panel unswitched outlet.
Momentary and Maintained sequencing via rear panel terminal block or front panel switch (momentary only).
All settings and configurations available on rear panel.
15 amp rating.
Three year limited warranty.

Maximum Output Current:
15 amps, 120 VAC (Thermal breaker)

Line Cord:
14AWGx3, 10 feet, black, fixed, NEMA 5-15P plug
AC Receptacles: • Convenience Outlet (Front Panel) 1 Un-switched NEMA 15-5R
• Rear Panel Outlets: 2 Un-switched NEMA 5-15R (1 duplex),
• 6 Sequenced NEMA 5-15R (3 duplexes, each controlled by separate relay)

Standard level AC Surge Protection:
Merit Class (sacrificial)

Spike Protection Mode:
Line to neutral, zero ground leakage

Max Continuous Operating Voltage:
130V RMS

Max Clamp Voltage:
500 Volts Peak

Peak Impulse Current:
12,000 Amps

Energy Rating (2 X 820μS):
225 Joules

AC Filtering:
Standard level Pi LCR Filter

Noise Attenuation:
>26dB, 100 Khz to 1 MHz

Operating Temperature Range
5C (40F) to 40C (105F) degrees

Humidity Range:
<90% rH (Relative Humidity)

Rocker Switch:
Front panel, Sequence (ON, OFF)

Thermal Circuit Breaker:
Front panel, push to reset

Front Panel Indicators:
Delay 1, Delay 2, Delay 3, Power, Protection OK

Rear Panel DIP Switches:
12V Mode On/Off, GND Mode On, Momentary/Maintained

Rear panel, time calibration fine tune delay adjust

Remote Terminal:
+5-30VDC In, 12VDC (12mA) Out

Remote Terminal:
Phoenix type 4-Pin Connector with Screw terminals; +12V, STAT, REM, GND (Class 2 Wiring)

19"L x 8.75"D x 1.75"H – ANSI 1RU

7 lbs.

Power Consumption:
5 Watts

Safety Agency:

Furman M-8S

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