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The Mackie SRM650 Powered PA Speaker is an incredibly versatile loudspeaker that delivers 1600 watts through a 15-inch speaker for remarkable output, clarity and simplicity! This speaker is built like a tank and has huge system power paired with custom transducers within a professional-grade, internally-braced all-wood cabinet that redefines tough. With Mackie High Definition Audio Processing including acoustic correction DSP, the SRM650 is the ultimate in high-definition sound.

System optimization tools like application-specific speaker modes and an amazingly accurate feedback destroyer make this active speaker an incredible value. Ready for anything, SRM650’s integrated 2-channel mixer with Mackie Wide-Z inputs can handle any signal with ease. The SRM650 delivers the modern output, amazing sound and proven durability you demand from a portable loudspeaker.


1600W system power paired with custom transducers deliver gig-level volumes with room to spare
15 inch high-output LF driver / 1.4 inch titanium dome compression driver
Built-Like-A-Tank all-wood, internally-braced cab for unmatched road-worthiness
Rugged 18-gauge steel grille and fine-textured, sleek black cabinet finish
Front ported for maximum low-end extension and punch
High-Definition Audio Processing for professional sound with unmatched clarity
Patented acoustic correction developed with touring geniuses at EAW
Precision 2-way digital crossover
Driver time alignment and phase correction
Quick one-button Speaker Mode selection for application-specific voicing (PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist)
Effortlessly eliminate nasty feedback with one-button automatic Feedback Destroyer
Integrated 2-channel mixer featuring dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs
Handles anything from mics to guitars to mixers with a single twist of the gain knob
Includes stereo RCA inputs for easy connection to music source
Perfect for the singer/songwriter, plug in and leave the mixer at home
Smart Protect DSP kicks in to protect your investment when things get pushed a little too hard
Monitor-specific 60-degree angle and voicing mode perfect for cutting through on stage


Acoustic Performance:
Frequency Response (-3 dB): 50 Hz-17 kHz
Frequency Response (-10 dB): 39 Hz-20 kHz
Max peak SPL: 133dB
Crossover Point: 3kHz
Dispersion [H x V]: 90 Ì x 50 Ì

High-Frequency Section
Voice Coil Diameter: 1"
Horn Entry Diameter: 1.4"
Diaphragm Material: Titanium
Magnet Material: Ferrite

Low-Frequency Section
Woofer Diameter: 15"
Voice Coil Diameter: 3.0"
Diaphragm Material: Paper
Magnet Material: Ferrite

Power Amplifiers
System Power Amplification
Rated Power: 800W RMS, 1600W peak

Low Frequency Power Amplifier
Rated Power: 400W RMS, 800W peak
Rated THD: < 1%
Cooling: Convection
Design: Class D
High Frequency Power Amplifier
Rated Power: 400W RMS, 800W peak
Rated THD: < 1%
Cooling: Convection
Design: Class D

Mackie SRM650

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