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The amplifier in the PVXp Sub is based of the incredible IPR2 series amplifiers and has 850 (REAL) watts of clean power. The power is not only light weight, but heat is not an issue.

The cabinet utilizes rugged dado and rabbet construction plus internal braces for lightweight yet strong cabinet. The PVXp is only 80 lbs and has 4 casters on the back for easy transportation.  A pole mount is provided with the sub as well.

Unique Features:
The PVXp Sub has a Heavy Duty 15” woofer. The power module has the Kosmos-M built into it with variable control knob. Kosmos –M is a sub-harmonic generator that enhances the sound of instruments by generating a copy of the signals in their bass range but shifted an octave lower. As you increase the Kosmos-M the sub sounds more like a18” and all the way up, you would think it is an 18” woofer. This way you can alter the sub to the room.

The IPR Power module has 2 outputs with a variable crossover, which ranges between 90 and 180 Hz. This is a huge advantage as you can dial in the system to the room. It is also a great feature if you use different full range speakers at different times.

15" heavy-duty woofer
Internal line level low-pass/high-pass crossover network
Fully adjustable KOSMOS® C for increased bass impact
XLR/one quarter inch combo jack input
Power amp has forced air cooling for maximum reliability
Large heavy-duty locking casters
Perforated steel grill
Steel handles
T-nut woofer mounting
Rugged dado and rabbet construction plus internal braces for lightweight yet strong cabinet
850 watts peak available power
Compact dimensions for a 15" woofer based sub
Threaded pole for top speaker mount
Two high-pass XLR outputs, one full range thru XLR output
Weight Packed: 83.77 lb(38 kg)
Width Packed: 27.559"(69.99986 cm)
Height Packed: 29.921"(75.99934 cm)
Depth Packed: 20.866"(52.99964 cm)

Peavey PVXp Sub

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