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Crest Audio® Versarray™ Pro 215 Powered Subwoofer
The Versarray PRO 215 Sub is a powered subwoofer speaker system consists of a pair of 15" Low Rider woofers combined with a super-solid cabinet with a simple, quick, yet flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modular coverage of small to medium venues, and intended for use with the companion Versarray PRO 112 models, the Versarray PRO 215 Sub offers excellent versatility with a very high performance capability. The subwoofer system consists of the following woofer components: a pair of 15" Low Rider series woofers with a very long throw 4" voice coil structure. Capable of over 800 watts of continuous power handling (AES Std 2-1984), these woofers can project a lot of low frequency energy.

The Versarray PRO 215 Sub incorporates the UniVent air pumping venting system. The UniVent venting system literally pumps air through the enclosure, exchanging the stale hot air inside the cabinet for the cooler outside air. This helps keep the woofer operating temperatures from getting so high, and increases reliability and reduces power compression under heavy continuous drive conditions. The air pumping action is achieved without excessive turbulence or any significant net asymmetry of total vent air flow.

Power for both woofers is supplied by some very efficient power amplifier systems, controlled by a sophisticated and refined DSP operations system with Dante connection capability. Total system power is 3000 Watts total peak power, with 1500 Watts total sine wave power for the woofers. This sheer power is controlled precisely and processed by a high performance DSP system, which provides all the crossover and EQ functions, as well as providing all limiting, compression and driver protection duties with unfailing attention to every detail of the music.

The adjustable rigging system provides for hanging multiple Versarray PRO 112 cabinets below a single Sub, or multiple Subs. Quick-lock pins are supplied with the rigging hardware to couple the Versarray PRO 215 Subs together, and to the rigging Halo and Frames. The flexibility of the Versarray FlyQWIK system allows the use of anywhere from 1 to 5 Versarray PRO 215 Subs in conjunction with an appropriate number of Versarray PRO 112 cabinets.

An optional special Sub Support Frame rigging adaptor mounts to the Versarray 215 PRO Sub, and allows Versarray PRO 112's to be flown below the Sub, with the Sub being flown from a Versarray MK III Halo. See Crest Audio Model Versarray Mk III Halo spec sheet for details of the allowable mix of Versarray PRO Subs to Versarray 112 Mk III / PRO 112 cabinets.

Peavey Versarray Pro 215 Powered Sub

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