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The QSC KS118 powered subwoofer delivers potent bass for DJs, live bands and other performers. Its onboard 3,600W Class-D amplifier drives an 18″ direct-radiating woofer for impressive low end. This powered sub is ideal for both mobile and installed applications. It’s the perfect complement to QSC’s K.2 and CP Series powered loudspeakers. The QSC KS118 active subwoofer will take your PA live sound system to new lows — low frequencies, that is. Whether you’re looking for the best powered subwoofer for a live band or you want to install a nightclub sound system, the KS118 delivers deep bass in spades. This rugged, reliable subwoofer is also perfect for AV rental houses and event production companies. Plug it in and prepare to change the way you think about portable PA systems.

Live bands, DJs and mobile performers all rely on clean, clear audio to sound their best and create an enjoyable experience for their audiences. In each case, the larger the audience, the harder the PA system has to work. This is especially true for subwoofers. The QSC KS118 active subwoofer has the power to make dance music fans feel the bass, not just hear the music.

Since the QSC KS118 powered sub is easy to move around, wedding DJs, bands and venue owners can customize their sound with strategic subwoofer placement. No two performance venues are the same. Some night clubs or wedding venues require special subwoofer positioning. In most cases, mobile DJs will want to place a pair of QSC KS118 subwoofers on the floor on either side of their booth. Full-range speakers can then be mounted on poles above the subs using the KS118’s built-in M20 threaded pole socket. In smaller venues, a performer may choose to corner-load a single KS118 subwoofer. This technique calls for facing the subwoofer facing into a corner of a room to take advantage of its acoustics and maximize efficiency.

The KS118 active subwoofer can also be set up to create a cardioid output pattern when used in pairs. This speaker arrangement avoids bass buildup on stage and directs the sound to the audience. One of the best subwoofer placement techniques for bands and DJs is known as coupling. By placing two or more KS118 powered subwoofers very close to one another, their effectiveness is amplified. Coupling can be done by either stacking a pair of KS118 subs, or placing them on the floor together closely. However you decide to deploy or install your QSC KS118 powered subwoofer, you can count on reliable performance and deep bass to keep the dance floor moving.

Rugged wooden cabinet packed with 3,600 watts
With an incredible 3,600W peak output at its disposal, the QSC KS118 cranks out 1,600W more than its predecessor, the KW181. QSC engineers managed to pack almost twice the power of the KW181 into the same footprint with the KS118 and keep the weight nearly the same. That makes the QSC KS118 surprisingly easy to move and transport. It’s fitted with smooth-rolling, low-noise casters that let you roll it effortlessly. Despite its mo