(2) Global Truss 7.4ft Sectional Square Trussing Package

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Global Truss Sectional, Light-Weight 7.38ft Square Trussing Packages

(2) Global Truss SQ-4111 - 4.92ft Square Truss Segments
(2) Global Truss SQ-4110-.75 - 2.46ft Square Truss Segments
(2) Global Truss SQ-4137H - 16in x 16in Aluminum Top Plates
(2) Global Truss Base Plate 30x30A - 30in x 30in Aluminum Base Plate

This package will give you two 7.38ft Global Truss Square Truss Totems (or the option to make smaller Totems). It is designed for mobile guys looking to pack 7ft totems in a smaller vehicle.

This package can be altered in any way. We can add Lights and/or Scrim's to the package. We can change the size of the base plates or top plates. Or we can alter the length of the truss segments. Call to change this package to meet your specific needs!

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