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Truss Tower Stage Roofing System Package includes Top Block Hinges Base Outriggers and 3.28ft Truss

Full Package of four-legged outrigger Truss base, with a 4-way Square Truss junction box Sleeve Block, on a 3' long square Truss. Complete with the Rigging Top.

In this package, you have everything you need for one complete leg in the building and flying a large scale truss, supporting mid to heavy-grade level stage installations.
You get:

Rigger Base, with extending legs, XT-GSB
3.28ft Long Truss segment, XT-SQ328 (Longer segments available, price changes per length)
4' Outrigger Brace Tubes (4) with clamps, XT-GSOUT3
Sleeve Block 4-Way Junction box, XT-BLOCK
Truss Top with I-Beam mount with chain Pulley wheels, XT-TOPCM
4 Hinge block set, XT-HINGE
(Winch Motor not included)

ProX Truss has the most trusted staging support systems in the industry, and is built to the highest standards of safety and performance. It's rugged yet lightweight trussing solution is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances, nightclubs, live mobile productions, or permanent installations.

All ProX Truss products are 100% compatible to connect along with many other manufacturers; and are constructed to the highest safety ratings by certified welders!


* Tolerance Free Standard Conical connector
* Main tube wall thickness of .08in / 2mm
* Constructed to the highest safety ratings by certified welders

To Fit
Standard 12" Size Square Truss Configurations.

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