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How to Become a DJ

What does it take to become a DJ?

A DJ is someone who plays and presents music to a live audience. In order for a person to work as one, they need to have knowledge of mixing original music tracks from different genres and artists as well as the ability to read the crowd.

Becoming a DJ is an exciting way to get paid for doing what you love. Music is an integral part of our culture, and DJs are the ones that provide the soundtrack. A good DJ has excellent skills, both technical and creative. They know how to manipulate music tracks. Sound effects and transitions to create unique listening experiences.

So how do you go from dream to reality when it comes to being a DJ? Skills, equipment, and a lot of practice.

What beginner equipment does a DJ need?

A DJ's equipment is an important part of their trade because it provides the tools they need to perform for an audience. The following is a list of basic equipment that beginners should have for their career as a DJ:

DJ mixer: A DJ needs this to mix two or more distinct sounds together. The most basic mixer has three channels that can be used by plugging in turntables or CD players. It also includes cross faders and EQ controls for fine-tuning sound quality.

Turntable: A turntable is a device that spins a record. In order to “scratch” a record, which is how those trendy record stop-and-go sound effects are created, you need to have the stylus needle on it and then put your finger on the platter to manually change how the record spins.

Portable Speakers: Portable speakers are made for travel, which means they are typically lighter and more durable than studio speakers. The size of the device often dictates its power. Some models are louder than others but not necessarily better for listening to music. Headphones: Headphones are very important to the DJ because it enables them to hear the tracks they are queueing up. This means they are previewing what the audience will be hearing and making sure everything goes as planned.

However, if you are more of a modern DJ the only equipment you may need is a laptop and a DJ music controller. Here at BestDealsDJ, we have you covered. Browse our online store for all your DJing needs.

What's the difference between a DJ and a music producer?

Music producers and DJs are often confused with one another. However, it is important to know the difference between the two professions.

Music producers produce music while DJs perform it. A music producer records and mixes different musical tracks while a DJ usually just mixes them together for a better listening experience.

A music producer can be said to be more involved in the production of a song, while a DJ might only be concerned with how the song will sound when played back.

How do I get started as a DJ?

There are many paths that one can take to become a DJ. You can start by picking your initial style. Both old school and new school DJs will need some sort of equipment to get started. Whichever path you choose determines the equipment you’ll need to pick up.

From there, you can learn about the basics of DJing by watching tutorials on YouTube or by listening and breaking down mixes by other popular DJs who’ve been in the game for a while. While there are many great books out there, the act of actually listening to what you’re being taught is important when it comes to any type of musical profession, so, hearing what you are reading about is a must.

Next, you’ll want to practice with your own mixes. Sharing them in DJing communities can also be a good way to get early feedback for improving your style.

The best practice comes from throwing yourself into the culture. You don’t want to sit on your mixes for eternity but instead, want to book small gigs where you can put your skills to the test.

Becoming a DJ is an aspirational goal but it’s also one of the best ways to show your appreciation for the music, while showing your audience a good time.

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