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The new Peavey 212C Sub loudspeaker system from Peavey Electronics provide unparalleled flexibility for permanent outdoor installations. The Elements™ 212C Sub system is a dual woofer subwoofer speaker system comprised of a pair of 12" Water-Resistant Black Widow woofers tuned for maximum low frequency output. The Elements 212C Sub speaker system is constructed of 1 / 2 " thick advanced technology composite fiber panels and are coated with a black Hammerhead poly-urea finish. A 18 gauge powder-coated perforated stainless-steel metal grille with an inner hydro-phobic cloth mesh, and a foam third layer protects the front of the system from external moisture and dust. A full set of twelve 3/8"-16 threaded mounting suspension points, 3 each top and 3 each bottom, and 2 each sides & back, is provided for flying and mounting, as well as three sets of 4) 1/4X20 SS inserts. The sets of four are located on the top, rear, and bottom for use with the Peavey® Versamount™ 70+ and the Peavey® Elements™ Pole Mount bracket. The Peavey 212C Sub has a water-resistant version of the high power Black Widow® WR woofer incorporated, with a resin impregnated cone and dust cap for superior environmental stability. Capable of over 1,000W of continuous power handling (AES Std 2-1984), the pair of weather-resistant woofers can handle a lot of sheer power. Order the Peavey 212C subwoofer speaker system for sale today!

Peavey 212C Features:
Compact dual 12" Outdoor Fully-Weatherized Subwoofer Speaker System
Dual 12" Water-Resistant Black Widow woofers, with a total of 2000 watts program power handling
Triple-layer perforated SS moisture-repellant grille
Versatile suspension provisions: 3/8" eyebolts or VM70 bracket or Pole Mount
Lighting/power pole mounting bracket fly point set
Direct Radiator Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
Enclosure is made of advanced technology composite fiber panels
Cabinet coated in black Hammerhead™ poly-urea finish.
Weather-sealed input cup cover with gland nut.
70 Volt transformer option available, easily upgraded in the field
Overall system weatherization rating of IP45
All external hardware is Stainless Steel
Weight Unpacked: 62.39 lb(28.3 kg)
Weight Packed: 70.00 lb(31.75 kg)
Width Packed: 18.5"(46.99 cm)
Height Packed: 33.375"(84.7725 cm)
Depth Packed: 17.25"(43.815 cm)

Peavey Elements 212C Sub (Outdoor)

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