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Our RBN™ subs are designed to deliver FULL power and deep sound where it matters most. Constructed of heavily braced 18mm birch plywood, the RBN sub is perfect for installations or portable applications where audio quality, reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Incorporating the latest digital signal processing technology, the RBN subwoofers feature two XLR/1/4" combination inputs, a 3.5mm input, and a mic/line level selection. Each input features digital infrasonic high-pass filters, a 9-band graphic EQ and delay. Each output features a sophisticated compressor/limiter and fourth order highpass/low-pass filters for crossover output. Internal temperature monitors combined with a variable speed cooling fan, plus level and clip indication, ensure reliable performance even during the most demanding conditions. Internal presets built into the DSP allow users to quickly select the speaker's application via the LCD on the rear of the enclosure.


Two channel XLR/1/4" combination inputs
Delay 0-150ms
Power amp VU meter with LCD display
Mic/line level selection
Internal temperature monitor with variable speed cooling fan
Auto power off
On-board advanced digital signal processing
Setup Wizard for easy configuration
Heavy-duty locking casters
Assignable crossover
Ultra-braced cabinet assembly
Direct-Thru output with combine function
Power amp forced air cooling for maximum reliability
Processed Thru output enables DSP to be used with external speaker cabinet
Dual 15" woofers (RBN 215)
Ground lift
Bass enhancement
Pole mount
Digital compression/limiting; 9-band EQ
Heavy-duty steel perforated grille
2,000 Watts total peak power
Weight Packed: 154.98 lb(70.3 kg)
Width Packed: 27.5"(69.85 cm)
Height Packed: 35.4"(89.916 cm)
Depth Packed: 24"(60.96 cm)

Peavey RBN 215 Sub

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