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Don’t Underestimate the Aesthetic

Why Lighting Matters for Professional DJs

In the world of professional DJs, lighting and visuals are key ingredients to pulling off a great show.

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, it should have the right atmosphere to create the perfect mood for your audience and to make sure their experience will be memorable. Adding a little bit of the right lighting can change things significantly and there are many different options available. So, let’s look into how to get the most out of your DJ events with the perfect lighting and decor.

How to Upgrade Your DJ Decor for Maximum Effectiveness

When setting up your workspace, it’s good to bring in visual elements that match the feel of the music you will be playing. You want your guests to be immersed in the show you are giving them, so, you'll need to set up a space that speaks for itself.

The key is to find a balance between exciting and attractive within the context of your musical style. There are plenty of online and printed materials out there, explaining what different colors represent and how they’re perceived. For example, if you were doing a downtempo music style that was more toward the R&B or jazzy sounds, perhaps you’d find that shades of blue or purple better set the mood, whereas high energy afrobeats or dancehall music may benefit from more yellows and greens. There is a lot behind the lighting. It’s more than just “set it and forget it.” You can use these visual elements to not just keep people interested but to get the desired emotional response. EDM concerts have a lot of strobing lights and lasers because those sorts of visual elements get people excited and deep house concerts may have slower pulsing lights that fit the tempo better. Figure out the energy and emotion you want to project and take your audience on a musical journey.

More Than Lights

Aside from lighting, there are many other things you can add to improve the aesthetic of your DJ event. From art that is hung on the walls to indoor plants, from sculptures dangling from the ceiling to rolling fog, from bubbles to beach balls… There is no end to the creativity when it comes to setting the scene. It’s your show. It’s your world!

BestDealsDJ offers a large array of lighting and decoration to take your event from 0 to 100. Check out our online inventory today.

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